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Camping Thines follows the "Special Health Protocol for operation of organized tourist camps (camping) ”as well as the Plan "Management of suspected CO VID-19 case" according to the law and DECISIONS 1881 / 29.5.2020 ministers of ECONOMICS - HEALTH TOURISM.

  1. Responsible for implementing his COVID-19 suspicious case management plan Camping, Michael Theodoros 6972575431 2.

  2. The doctor with the partner cooperates with the tourist accommodation for his evaluation incident, Giannoutsos Ilias 6943690136.

  3.  In the campsite there is an examination- Clinic by specially designed quarantine space.

  4. Creating a COVlD-19 event book

  5. Use of by the staff  Personal protective equipment

  6. Informing customers about the obligation to apply measures to protect against and control COVID-19 infection.

  7.  Posting instructions on the official camping website or with posts on social media Health protocols and related guidelines are posted in prominent places of the accommodation (entrance. reception area, places of health interest, etc.)

  8. Appointment of camping coordinator for the prevention of COVID-19 cases and the Observance of the special protocol according to the instructions of EODYo Michael Theodoros

  9. The social distance of measures must. observed in all interiors and outdoor areas between people who do not live in the same camp means or do not belong to the same family / company.

  10. In the premises of the internal housing common areas of the campsite there are special marking and controlled entry measures so that there is minimal distance of measures between individuals

  11. Report. infringements: any breach of the regulations and regulations should be refers to the coordinator.

  12.  Non residents in the accommodation are not allowed.

  13.  The management of the accommodation keep a record of all persons ( name, nationality, date of arrival and departure,  tel. details, e-mail)

  14. The distance between each type of camping vehicle (caravans, motorhomes, scenes. etc.) should be at least 5 meters from its front door camp and 3 meters on every other side of it.

  15. The instructions of ap. Δ1γ / Γ.Π / οικ 19954 / 20.03.2020 του circular Ministry of Health “Measures for cleaning and disinfection in areas and surfaces against the evolution of the pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 "(APA: 6KP6465FYO-1ND)

  16. Clean and the disinfection of sanitary facilities are following a specific written cleaning and control program

  17. Regular random thermometer and oximetry tests will be performed: 37.6 'C and above up to 92 and below in oxygen saturation in the blood '

Visiting protocol in Greece:

Official website of the Greek State:

 For the period 13/07 to 23/08 the following restrictions apply per type of position. We recommend you that the width  of your tent should be < 3m . Please keep it for the best safety of all.

For larger camping vehicles, a few exceptions will be made. In any case, point 14 will be active . For caravans, vertical parking is also permitted. (not for the first places),  It is not allowed to adjust a "winter" tent ( Occluded).

THE SQUARED area is the maximum that you can camp.

For front Iine the camping vehicle has to be <8 meters.


 For the period other than the one mentioned above, from 23/08 and after or there will be flexibility and setting up larger camping areas where necessary. In any case, it will be valid point 14.

Thank you for your understanding. It is a special year for everyone.

Yours sincerely, Camping Thines

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