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Olive oil

In our area extra virgin olive oil is produced. Extra virgin olive oil is the basis of Greek cuisine and the mediterranean diet. In our campsite you can sample and buy our own extra virgin olive oil. You can also learn about the olives and our own method of harvesting them.


The fruit of the olive trees that grow in the regions of Messinia is highly edible . It can be our favorite ingredient in greeksalads .


The production of wine, from ancient times, is one of the favorite activities of the local inhabitants. Today the soilof Messinia , the particular climatic conditions and the care by the growers give local wines an excellent taste  and a vivid color .


The Korinthian raisin really is an unknown nutritional treasure .The raisins provide many good antioxidants , minerals and dietary fiber. The contribution of raisins to protect our body is recognized in scientific studies published in major magazines like «Plant Foods for Human Nutrition»


The honey produced in Messinia is a 100 % natural product. In our region the bees get pollen from rare plants, as region ofFinikounda is included in the “NATURA 2000”areas of rare flora and fauna. Honey is the basis for the production of a sesame seed sweet and is found as a companion to the wonderful cakes which are served in special celebrations in this region.


“Armi” is a kind of soft white cheese produced in Messinia from goat's milk. It has  a brackishtas Armi

Dried figs

Dried figs give the body energy because of the high content of minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron and fiber .They are dried in the sun without chemical additives.


Oregano is used mainly as a condiment in cooking. It is the main spice of the Mediterranean countries and a key component of Greek cuisine.

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